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We, at Burkhardt Brothers Moving & Storage, of Hingham, MA, understand you have questions and clarifications to be addressed before the big move. Whatever you need us to move or store for you while you're between moving, consider the transition secure and easy.

Get recommendations from friends or your realtor. Schedule an appointment for an estimate in person. Do not accept a quote over the phone or internet.


Are you planning for any downsizing? We've storage space. We also have a list of vendors to sell, donate to, or recycle. See list.


Fridges: Food can be packed into your cooler at the last minute. Load fridge last and deliver. First clean your fridge thoroughly before placing it into storage.


TV: Flat screens are removed and packed. Take cable box or modems separately, so they are accessible for installation at your new home.


Packing: Cartons should be labeled with contents and destinations i.e (kitchen, bedroom)


Hold on truck: We often empty home, hold your items on our truck, and deliver your furniture when your new home is ready to move into.

Do you need help moving, or storage assistance? We're here to help.

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Dressers and bureaus should be emptied off of breakables. Leaving clothing in drawers is acceptable as a rule of the thumb, but may still need to be removed depending on the weight or access in and out of the home.


Burkhardt Brothers Moving & Storage, of Hingham, MA, can disassemble beds, dressers, mirrors, and other furniture to save time and money. This can also be accomplished by the homeowner prior to the day of moving.


Depending on your circumstances, it may be wise to pack a bag with amenities that might be needed to live from if you're directly moving into a new residence.


Items, such as paint, aerosols, propane, gasoline and other flammables must be transported by the homeowner personally. Due to laws and insurance, we aren't permitted to transport these types of items.


No one wants to move in bad weather conditions, but our company takes care to protect furniture and the interiors of your home from water and dirt.


Label and seal cartons: When you pack your belongings, label the sides of the cartons in which you pack the contents, and mention the room that it is destined to. This will save time, and you won't asked too many questions on the day you move.